Stylish workwear everyday

Workwear specialist Ballyclare has unveiled an exciting new collection of high-quality general workwear. The new 365 collection includes a wide range of garments for both men and women, all of which have been designed to meet the needs of workers in the painting and decorating sector. Designed to provide outstanding performance in all situations, whetherContinue reading “Stylish workwear everyday”

Gets in all the nooks and crannies

The Graco Contractor™ PC gun family now has a new member: the Contractor PC Compact, an even smaller and lighter version of the successful Contractor PC gun. Together with the small size and light weight, the ergonomic design of this new gun makes it easy to manoeuvre and control, plus also helps reduce downtime withContinue reading “Gets in all the nooks and crannies”

Focus on Axus Décor Fillers

There are three powder-based fillers in the Axus Décor range that are suitable for interior walls and ceilings: Q3 Filler, Dec-Patch and EP-Fill. Their characteristics vary, so it’s important to understand which one to pick accordingly… Containing a very high amount of resin, Q3 Filler is by far the toughest in the range. The resinContinue reading “Focus on Axus Décor Fillers”

Enduring every day

For professional painters and decorators, providing customers with a long-lasting, premium finish is crucial. To help achieve this, Johnstone’s Trade has developed Aqua Guard, a new water based satin paint for interior wood and metal with enhanced durability. David Baines, technical specification manager at PPG gives us the lowdown on their latest innovation… We understandContinue reading “Enduring every day”

New and improved fillers

A new and improved range of fillers has just launched at Brewers Decorator Centres. Building on the success of their own-branded fillers, Brewers have introduced four new products to coincide with improvements to their existing line. Waterproof Masonry Filler offers excellent adhesion indoors and out, and can be applied to damp substrates. It can repairContinue reading “New and improved fillers”

Science not Solvents

You know the drill when it comes to stripping paint or cleaning surfaces before painting – mask, gloves, glasses and you still get light-headed from the fumes. Well not anymore. Trade Strip products use ‘science not solvents’ to remove paint and clean surfaces. Their range of water-based cleaners and paint removers prepare surfaces without usingContinue reading “Science not Solvents”