Accredited performance

Armourflex® Hardwax Oil is a specialist high-performance coating that offers a natural and elegant finish with exceptional wear characteristics and high scratch resistance, and now it’s certified and accredited with Abrasion & Liquid resistance (ISO 7786 and ISO 2812-1). This accreditation provides reassurance to its users of the high performance provided by the product asContinue reading “Accredited performance”

To protect and restore

Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver provides long lasting protection against wood-destroying fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood-boring insects with added protection from the elements due to its superb quality water repellent resins. The high-quality, low odour oil/Spirit formulation is deep penetrating and contains UV Fade Resistant pigments in all eight colour variations. The finalContinue reading “To protect and restore”