Smooth sleeves

The new ‘Italian made’ shed resistant (lint free) Monarch Microfibre 9” Roller Cover is now available for purchase in the UK. Made from premium grade High Density microfibre which maintains its shape throughout use, it will provide you with an optimum paint load pick-up and release experience every time. Highly absorbent, holding up to fourContinue reading “Smooth sleeves”

Why UK decorators love a ‘Hammy Green’

We know that every painter and decorator has a favourite go-to roller sleeve and brush. It goes without saying that these essential tools are an extension of your own arm when they’re in the hand all day.  But, we hear time and time again, Perfection Medium Pile sleeves nick-named a “good old Hammy Green” – HamiltonContinue reading “Why UK decorators love a ‘Hammy Green’”