Handy little liners

Go!Paint proudly unveiled its latest product at the P&D Show, the Kettle Liner. Specifically designed for standard 2.5-litre Go!Paint Paint Kettles, this revolutionary insert enhances the painting process for professionals. Visitors at the show embraced the new liner, recognising the numerous benefits. The Paint Kettles are commonly favored by true experts in the Netherlands and are often customised with a high-end paint brand and distributed by the brand. They are becoming more popular in the UK too, thanks to the professional looks and ease of use. Crafted from ultra-thin, 100% recycled PET, the Kettle Liner accommodates about half a litre, with ribbing along one side makes a separate roller grid obsolete, ensuring even paint distribution on a 4-inch roller for a flawless finish. Excess paint flows back down into the liner, minimising the chance of paint flakes. After use, simply empty, let it dry, and reuse up to four times. Notably, there’s no need to wash the liner or the Paint Kettle, reducing water pollution.