Finish and protect your exterior wood

Have you ever painted a shed, fence, or summerhouse to then find the following year it’s already peeling and flaking? Leaving wood exposed to the weather can cause serious damage and reduce the overall longevity. Luckily there’s a perfect solution… Owatrol Shed & Fence Paint. Shed & Fence Paint is different to other paints onContinue reading “Finish and protect your exterior wood”

Boom shellacalaka

Smith & Rodger’s Blockade is now available in a handy 500ml size, exclusively through Crown Decorating Centres. Introduced for smaller projects and one off uses, the smaller size covers approximately 6 square metres. Blockade has been formulated to permanently kill stains and odours, seal knots and cover damage from water, smoke and mould. The pureContinue reading “Boom shellacalaka”