The edge of Perfection

Hamilton Decorating Tools revealed their big news at this year’s National P&D Show. A new look. A clear and concise range. And, more excitingly…. A revolutionary new brush!

Hamilton have revealed a brand-new look and vision for the brand that has been almost four years in the making. Involving a huge team of people and painstaking research, testing and development both in the lab, by hand, by paint manufacturers and by decorating professionals, Hamilton are confident they can provide the perfect decorating tool solutions that work with today’s evolving paint formulas.

Paint has changed

As paint technology continues to evolve, with burgeoning developments in hybrids, Hamilton decided it was time to take a long, hard look at the tools used to apply them.

Using formulas that you know and rely upon, Hamilton will also perfectly combine them with brand new technology to ensure products are transformed just enough to be the products you need to work effectively with today’s paints.

Bye bye plastic

As part of this ‘revamp’ Hamilton are also drastically reducing their amount of single-use plastic packaging, switching plastic clam packs to recyclable card, whilst also using FSC® Certified wood in their brush handles.

The new look has given the brand a makeover to offer three colours that visually represent their three ranges: For The Trade, Prestige and Perfection. Prestige soft-grip handles have also changed colour to keep in-line with this new look.

New technology

Amongst all of this, the most notable, long-awaited achievement is the introduction of their CleanEdge™ technology. This brand-new filament will sit alongside the well-established MaxStroke™ filament in the top level Perfection range.

The Perfection CleanEdge™ brush selection will replace natural bristle completely. This may be a tough pill to swallow for hardened bristle lovers, however, the quality of this natural animal-borne bi-product is constantly declining. This decline means that the strive to deliver the best quality products will be hindered, according to Hamilton, and they will not let that happen.

Hamilton’s new CleanEdge™ filaments have been tested in laboratory conditions, by third parties, well-known UK paint manufacturers and, more importantly, in the hands of real users. Ultimately a synthetic brush to mimic the structure of natural bristle was developed, with the benefits of being easier to clean, with no need to break in.

Which Perfection brush to choose?

MaxStroke™ offers longer, finer filaments for a flawless finish with thinner paints, such as water-based paints and low viscosity hybrids. CleanEdge™ uses shorter, stiffer filaments for accuracy and control with thicker or sticker paints, such as oil-based and high viscosity hybrids.

If you haven’t already tried Hamilton’s New CleanEdge™ brush, make sure you get hold of one in-store. Plans have been put in place to get these new-look products available nationwide from January onwards.

CleanEdge™ (top) features shorter, stiffer filaments than MaxStroke™ (bottom).

Hamilton Decorating Tools have a history spanning over 250 years, and have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise about the painting and decorating industry. They continually use this knowledge to develop great products through insight, innovation and changing needs. Remember: today’s paints have changed, and your tools must change along with them.