Choosing a quality roller for a quality finish

The quality of both the roller sleeve and the frame you choose can make a real difference to the overall finish you are able to achieve – as well as your productivity and comfort. Here, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Purdy, looks at some of the attributes to look out for when selecting a roller.

Comfort is key when you’re working with your roller all day. A quality roller frame will be designed to be used all day with a lightweight, comfy grip to reduce fatigue, and an ergonomic rubberised handle to stop your hand slipping, even when it gets sweaty.
The frame should also be designed to avoid sleeve ‘walk-off’, for example some brands have a ridged design that allows you to press-fit your roller sleeve, keeping it in place all day.

Keep in mind a roller frame’s compatibility with extension poles. Purdy roller frames are compatible with traditional threaded connections as well as Purdy’s quick connect attachment system.

A high-quality roller frame should also be light and easy to keep pristine. An open cage design allows for quick and easy cleaning and also helps to keep the weight of the roller down, reducing the likelihood of fatigue.

A 12” Purdy Colossus Sleeve – Available with a choice three pile lengths (nap).

There’s nothing worse than a roller dropping lint on a fresh coat of paint. A great roller sleeve will use a strong epoxy, to bond the fabric to the roller core, in combination with a high-quality fabric. This will prevent the roller from shedding lint and ensure you don’t waste time picking out stray fibres or repainting a surface.

To guarantee longevity, and value for money, you should also make sure that you choose a roller sleeve made of high-quality materials.

A solvent resistant core, such as polypropylene, won’t react with your paint and will keep its shape throughout the roller’s life.

Similarly, dense, high-quality fabric will make sure that the sleeve keeps delivering a smooth finish time after time; for example, Purdy’s Marathon roller sleeve uses a knitted nylon and polyester blend that will deliver the same finish even after 40 hours of continuous use.