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Shining a light on sanding

From September 2020, painters, drywallers, plasterers, and all other renovation professionals can take advantage of the new PLANEX long-reach sander. It is perfect for sanding joints and surfaces, working and equalising various exterior insulation finishing systems, and for sanding off wallpaper residue. Let there be light!A ground-breaking innovation is the new LED light ring surround.Continue reading “Shining a light on sanding”

Hold more paint in your Tank

Kana’s Tank brush was specifically developed to hold more product than an average brush, resulting in a reduction in painting time, allowing for more cost-effective working. Its innovative two-in-one design combines a natural bristle core or ‘tank’ with a superb synthetic outer bristle coat. Consequently, it can cover up to 30% more surface area withContinue reading “Hold more paint in your Tank”

Express yourself

Developed in response to changing paint formulations, Expression brushes are designed to provide an exceptional finish with today’s water-based paints. Created in conjunction with Hamilton’s Professional Decorators’ Panel, each and every brush has been independently tested using the latest Topography Analysis at Innventia in Sweden to ensure a consistently high quality, smooth finish. All ExpressionContinue reading “Express yourself”

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