The mattest matt

Crown Trade has launched Extramatt, a brand-new paint offering an extremely low reflective finish which alleviates visual imperfections and eliminates flashing, perfect for ceilings and touching up interior walls. The water-based emulsion is the brand’s lowest sheen paint, offering a high opacity that allows professionals to get a perfect finish every time, with just aContinue reading “The mattest matt”

Clean Air for commercial projects

Crown Trade Clean Air is the latest edition to the Clean Extreme range and is ideal for commercial projects, where environmental regulations like BREEAM and LEED are important. The formula contains innovative air purifying technology that absorbs formaldehyde, found in things like new flooring and furniture, helping to improve the air quality in a room fromContinue reading “Clean Air for commercial projects”

A guide to breaking the mould

Kathryn Tormay at Crown Paints discusses talking to customers about avoiding mould… Rising energy costs and a cost-of-living crisis is going to encourage homeowners to keep their windows closed and heating off. The lack of ventilation in properties, along with the mild, wet conditions of British weather can create the perfect breeding ground for mould.  Continue reading “A guide to breaking the mould”

Spring / Summer Trend Report

It’s no secret that colour engages with people’s emotions and trends often represent society’s collective emotional state. Last year saw trends for fashion and the home centred around ‘sanctuary’ palettes, colours known to be calm and relaxing, neutral hues and colours with little pigment were the favourites – warm shades of grey, white stone andContinue reading “Spring / Summer Trend Report”

Boom shellacalaka

Smith & Rodger’s Blockade is now available in a handy 500ml size, exclusively through Crown Decorating Centres. Introduced for smaller projects and one off uses, the smaller size covers approximately 6 square metres. Blockade has been formulated to permanently kill stains and odours, seal knots and cover damage from water, smoke and mould. The pureContinue reading “Boom shellacalaka”

New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators

This year, changes to legislation means that landlords in particular may be on the lookout for effective solutions to help prevent the growth of mould.  Crown Paints explains how decorators can play their part by recommending the right products for the right space. Mould matters more than ever Every winter, there is greater potential for mouldContinue reading “New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators”