One can at a time

As the global emphasis on the need to protect the planet shows no signs of letting up, it’s clear that all businesses need to take steps to become as sustainable as possible, and those in the decorating industry should be no exception…

The sense of urgency about the need to protect the planet for generations to come continues to be a key talking point around the world, and reducing waste plays an important role in this. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways decorators and manufacturers alike can contribute to the industry producing less waste.

Fighting plastic waste
One of the most talked about issues relating to sustainability is plastic waste. While the material’s longevity was once its main selling point, it’s become clear that this has in fact become a major issue for the planet.
  The strength of public opinion against plastic continues to become more and more apparent, with consumers looking to businesses such as manufacturers to invest in ways to reduce plastic waste. Paint manufacturers are no exception, with both the public and professional decorators beginning to question whether the industry is doing enough to minimise how much plastic is used in the production of paint.
  One of the major causes of plastic waste within the decorating industry has always been the use of plastic cans. Fortunately there is an option to buy paint from manufacturers such as Crown Paints, whose cans which are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste (PCW) plastic. This method reduces the amount of reusable PCW plastic destined for landfill and is in turn kinder to the planet.

What’s more, paint can recycling schemes mean that used cans (as long as they’ve been cleaned and dried) are prevented from simply being discarded. Crown’s Can Back initiative, is usually available via decorating centres and provides an easy way for decorators to play their part in reducing the amount of plastic waste that comes with the job.

No paint left behind
Regardless of the amount of planning that goes into preparing for a job, it’s inevitable that there’s occasionally some leftover paint which can’t be used for the next job.
  Before simply disposing of any paint that is surplus to requirements, consider whether it can be used in another way – a charity or community project. Not only does this option benefit a worthy cause, it also reduces paint waste.
  Community groups on social media are a great way of finding out if there are any projects taking place in the area, but your chosen supplier may also be able to help by taking any leftover paint and redistributing it.
  For example, Crown Paints works with social enterprise NIMTECH, which provides a number of waste recovery and recycling services across the UK, to collect leftover paint from decorators via its network of decorating centres and subsequently redistribute this to deserving community and charitable projects.
  By working together, at all levels of the supply chain, the painting and decorating industry can continue taking steps towards reducing its impact on the planet., email or call 0330 024 0297