The importance of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

Head of Products and Markets at CHAS, Alex Minett, offers guidance on bringing FIR processes in line with industry best practice. As businesses look to drive progress on workplace diversity, buyers and suppliers should be prepared to evidence their competence… Embracing Diversity and Inclusion is not only the right thing to do, according to DiversityContinue reading “The importance of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect”

10 issues affecting supply chains in 2022

CHAS, the supply chain risk management expert, highlightsthe issues that will affect construction supply chains in 2022. The Building Safety Bill The Building Safety Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, is set to change how certain buildings are constructed, maintained and made safe. It will include regulatory reforms on fire safety and quality ofContinue reading “10 issues affecting supply chains in 2022”

Is it time to ditch the diesel?

Electric vehicles for business have been increasing in popularity due to their environmental benefits, lower running costs, and a range of government incentives. Simply Business have put together some pros and cons of having an electric vehicle for your work, plus a rundown on some of the best electric vehicles for trade… Electric vehicles haveContinue reading “Is it time to ditch the diesel?”

Keep workers safe this winter

When winter approaches, outdoor workers have to negotiate new hazards. Poor light, exposure to cold and slippery surfaces can lead to accidents causing severe injury, ill-health and even a threat to life. When workers experience excessive cold, they are more likely to behave unsafely as their ability to make decisions and/or perform manual tasks deteriorates.Continue reading “Keep workers safe this winter”

New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators

This year, changes to legislation means that landlords in particular may be on the lookout for effective solutions to help prevent the growth of mould.  Crown Paints explains how decorators can play their part by recommending the right products for the right space. Mould matters more than ever Every winter, there is greater potential for mouldContinue reading “New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators”