High-Touch Customer Experience Strategies

Strong customer service is vital for delighting clients, increasing word-of-mouth referrals and retaining loyal customers, but do you have the systems in place to ensure you’re working in the way that potential customers expect? Aged between 26 and 41, millennials are tech natives who have grown up with technology at their fingertips for everything, andContinue reading “High-Touch Customer Experience Strategies”

Client Relationships – Trust WORKS

Arguably, the most key ingredient to any working relationship is trust. Clients are investing their time, money, and home into your hands, so feeling confident in your ability to deliver the outcome they’re dreaming of is vital to you both working together successfully and achieving the best possible outcome. Home renovation and design platform, Houzz.co.uk,Continue reading “Client Relationships – Trust WORKS”

10 issues affecting supply chains in 2022

CHAS, the supply chain risk management expert, highlightsthe issues that will affect construction supply chains in 2022. The Building Safety Bill The Building Safety Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, is set to change how certain buildings are constructed, maintained and made safe. It will include regulatory reforms on fire safety and quality ofContinue reading “10 issues affecting supply chains in 2022”

Is it time to ditch the diesel?

Electric vehicles for business have been increasing in popularity due to their environmental benefits, lower running costs, and a range of government incentives. Simply Business have put together some pros and cons of having an electric vehicle for your work, plus a rundown on some of the best electric vehicles for trade… Electric vehicles haveContinue reading “Is it time to ditch the diesel?”

Keep workers safe this winter

When winter approaches, outdoor workers have to negotiate new hazards. Poor light, exposure to cold and slippery surfaces can lead to accidents causing severe injury, ill-health and even a threat to life. When workers experience excessive cold, they are more likely to behave unsafely as their ability to make decisions and/or perform manual tasks deteriorates.Continue reading “Keep workers safe this winter”

Knowing your client profile type

During a renovation project, customers will be investing their money, time and hope, so building a strong, positive bond with the customer will be crucial to earning their trust. Understanding how each customer differs, what matters to them most, and how best to communicate with them will help deliver a first-class service every time.  Houzz.co.uk, theContinue reading “Knowing your client profile type”