FAQ – 7 Strategies to get more work in 2021

So, 2021 hasn’t exactly been a flying start… It’s been a real struggle for many of us, professionally and personally. We’ve had to be resilient, understanding, flexible and steadfast. It’s incredibly hard to plan when there’s so much uncertainty, but that means it’s even more important to put strategies in place to make sure we’veContinue reading “FAQ – 7 Strategies to get more work in 2021”

New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators

This year, changes to legislation means that landlords in particular may be on the lookout for effective solutions to help prevent the growth of mould.  Crown Paints explains how decorators can play their part by recommending the right products for the right space. Mould matters more than ever Every winter, there is greater potential for mouldContinue reading “New legislation creates opportunity for Decorators”

FAQ – Storytelling for decorators

As humans, we’re drawn in by stories. Since ancient times they’ve helped us connect to each other and make sense of the world around us – from oral storytelling around the campfire, to classic novels, to films and the latest Netflix series.  But what’s this got to do with you and your decorating business? We tendContinue reading “FAQ – Storytelling for decorators”

FAQ – Riding the Economic Storm

It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, and the decorating industry is no different. Economic experts and even the government are talking about the coming recession being the deepest for many decades. It’ll be economically stormy for a while now, and we all need to have strategies and take practical steps to make sureContinue reading “FAQ – Riding the Economic Storm”

FAQ – Refresh your business

This is the ideal time to review your business. Things have changed, your perspecives may have changed, your customers’ priorities may have changed. Here are a few tips to help you think about things you can freshen up. Get some video content Videos are people’s favourite way of consuming content on the internet, whether it’sContinue reading “FAQ – Refresh your business”

FAQ – Using video to promote your work

Video is an ideal way for you and your business to get known, liked and trusted. And it’s never been easier to make videos – you can film, edit and post them on your phone. Not only that, but embedding your own YouTube videos on your website improves your ranking on Google. It is moreContinue reading “FAQ – Using video to promote your work”

FAQ – The power of blogging

What’s the point of blogging? There are four main reasons blogs are good for your business.• It shows your expertise to potential clients.• It shows you’re helpful, giving away useful decorating tips.• It helps more people find your website so you get more enquiries.• It improves your site’s profile on search engines like Google. WhereContinue reading “FAQ – The power of blogging”