A guide to breaking the mould

Kathryn Tormay at Crown Paints discusses talking to customers about avoiding mould…

Rising energy costs and a cost-of-living crisis is going to encourage homeowners to keep their windows closed and heating off. The lack of ventilation in properties, along with the mild, wet conditions of British weather can create the perfect breeding ground for mould.  

As decorators know, damp can completely ruin the final look of a job in a few months’ time, creating a disgruntled customer. Offering homeowners or landlords advice on ways they can avoid damp and mould build up when pricing up a job is an easy way to upsell, as well as showcase to customers that you care about them, their property and your work. 

As well as keeping rooms ventilated, using specialist products can also help keep mould at bay. The painting and decorating industry have a crucial role to play in guiding homeowners to the right product for the job which will get results. 

The Crown Trade Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting range is designed to keep moisture build up to a minimum. It’s ideally suited for damp-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, where condensation can build quickly. It helps walls and ceilings retain a cleaner, fresher appearance for longer. The paint also provides the perfect solution for damp and dirty surfaces and can help reduce maintenance cycles, something that customers will always be pleased to hear!  

Ultimately, customers care about the finished look, so it’s important that specialist products don’t compromise on opacity and quality. The Clean Extreme range combines a high opacity matt formulation with a built-in fungicide that puts a stop to mould growth on the paint film.

As well as being highly resistant to stains, the paint is also robust enough to be repeatedly cleaned without any detriment to the finish, meaning mould can be treated without compromising the appearance of surfaces.

Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting Scrubbable Matt boasts a high opacity matt formulation that provides exceptional durability even when scrubbed, with the Acrylic Eggshell option providing a high-performance stain-resistant and washable mid-sheen finish.

Offering protection, durability and design flexibility, Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting paints are available in a wide range of tinted colour and, thanks to their water-based formulation, provide a quick-drying and low-odour solution.