Create a solid digital marketing strategy for your business

Ever since the ‘dot-com’ revolution began in the 1990s it’s been increasingly important to have a strong online presence, accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis 2021 will reinforce this trend even further…

Companies have never cared more about their brand and communications than they do now. With social media, it’s critical to carve out your own foothold in cyberspace. Thankfully, developing a strategy around digital marketing doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. You can showcase your skillset and promote your value with just a few clicks and reach a broad audience very easily. Houzz, the online platform for home design and renovation, has some tips on how digital marketing can help you attract more potential customers.

Build your brand
Did you know that 9 out of 10 individuals research on the internet when they want to hire professionals in their area? Branding is your long-term marketing strategy and whether you’re the industry leader, or an up and coming new business, branding is essential for driving the way potential clients perceive your work.
  Online marketing is the most efficient way to capture a wider audience, tell your story at a glance, and get others to brag about you, all at once. It’s important to communicate what your business does, highlight the services available and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Show your true ‘self’
According to Houzz data, homeowners prefer professionals who show themselves as they are, without hiding behind a logo. Make sure that both your Houzz profile and your website use real photos and videos of you, your team, your business and your projects. Describe yourself and clearly explain what your company offers.
  Ask your colleagues, collaborators and your clients to write a review of your work. The more people who see you, the better results you will get and the greater your reach will be. Explain your story, tell people what you like and what your personality is like. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, what would they like to know? First impressions really count!

Know your audience
To communicate who your business is you must be clear on whom you are directing your message. You need to reach what we call the empowered client. They are using a mobile device, online 24/7, are well researched before making any purchases or hiring decisions and are participatory. They want to feel part of the process and like they made important and empowered decisions.

How to get clients
Once homeowners can recognise you as a trusted local brand, it’s the perfect time to get in front of your ideal prospects so you can generate enquiries. A strong online marketing campaign can target homeowners in the communities you serve, who are looking to hire professionals.
  More than 72% of homeowners in the Houzz community are actively looking to hire, so make sure you are marketing in the places that actually reach the right clients.
  Whether they’re browsing the photo stream for creative ideas, or completing our comprehensive Project Match enquiry, homeowners are seeking a meaningful connection with our professional network. Houzz Pro can help you generate more leads. The software can support you with your business management, grow your profits and attract more clients.

Make a good impression
Homeowners only need 10 seconds to form a first impression of your website or profile. To ensure that this first judgment is positive, there are certain aspects that should not be missing.
  A modern design that is mobile friendly, with high-quality photos or videos of your work, well-written description of your business, recent reviews and recommendations, and importantly a contact form so they can easily enquire.

Invest in marketing to avoid losing customers
According to studies, small businesses only need to spend an average of 1% of their gross income to hire a marketing expert. However, if you do not have a strategic plan or it is your first contact with advertising, it can be a very complicated process. With Houzz Pro, you will not have that problem, the team will help and guide you throughout the process, and create a strategy that is adapted to your needs and budget.

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