Better at blocking

Dulux Trade Stain Block Matt has recently been reformulated to offer improved opacity, whiteness and a matter finish. The upgraded 2-in-1 primer and topcoat will allow decorators to achieve even better results for their customers, now with same time-saving benefits and valued Dulux Trade quality. Effectively treat stains caused by water-based and solvent-based inks, crayon, biro, coffee, grease, scuff marks, water and nicotine, as well as preventing stains from spreading. Stain Block Matt also helps to seal and bind friable, dry and powdery surfaces such as plaster, brick and distemper. Its sustainability credentials have also been enhanced, as it is now also 99.9% VOC (volatile organic compound) free. This change means that it has a reduced impact on indoor air quality and a lower carbon footprint when compared with the previous formulation, helping painters and decorators to meet customer demands for more sustainable solutions.