Sweet like Chocolate

Little Greene’s Sweet Treats is a curated collection of warm, neutral shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, each colour inspired by delicious desserts and some of the world’s most tasteful sweet treats. Playful, mouth-watering names including Madeleine, Galette, Affogato, Muscovado and Ganache bring these enticing colours to life. This palette of nine versatile colours willContinue reading “Sweet like Chocolate”

Exterior Paints: Durable Finishes

Eco-friendly, British paint manufacturer Little Greene is the last independent company still making a complete range of high quality traditional and modern paints. Available in the complete Little Greene colour palette, the long lasting, hard-wearing exterior paints combine the highest technical performance with a beautiful finish and profound depth of colour. Water-based Intelligent Masonry PaintContinue reading “Exterior Paints: Durable Finishes”

Designs you can Trust

Continuing its collaboration with the National Trust, Little Greene presents National Trust Papers III, a versatile new collection of wallpapers transforming historical design into a timeless collection. Paper: Bird & Bluebell – Pea Green.Paint: Dorchester Pink® 213. Green Stone – Light™ 269. Puck™ 298. National Trust Papers III is an authentic collection of eight historicContinue reading “Designs you can Trust”

A guide to going Greene outside

Little Greene’s exterior paints combine remarkable durability with the brand’s own inimitable, extensive palette of colours. A high quality, long lasting, hard-wearing exterior family of paints offers a combination of strength, beauty and protection.  From traditional high gloss to chalky matt limewash; the exterior family offers a multitude of stylish options for woodwork, metalwork and masonryContinue reading “A guide to going Greene outside”

196 shades of Greene

Designed to make choosing colours a pleasure and intuitive for the user, Little Greene’s two new colour cards showcase 196 colours in a new format. The new cards span over 300 years of historic interior design and include many authentic 18th, 19th and 20th century shades, presented alongside a carefully adjusted palette of contemporary shades.  TheContinue reading “196 shades of Greene”

The ultimate chalky finish

Little Greene has built up a well-deserved reputation for not just its imaginative colour palette but also for the outstanding quality of its paints. Its original finish, Absolute Matt Emulsion, is more popular than ever and even appears to be the ‘choice’ of Lockdown DIY enthusiasts.  The last word in flat, matt paints, with a ‘barely-there’Continue reading “The ultimate chalky finish”