A guide to going Greene outside

Little Greene’s exterior paints combine remarkable durability with the brand’s own inimitable, extensive palette of colours. A high quality, long lasting, hard-wearing exterior family of paints offers a combination of strength, beauty and protection.
  From traditional high gloss to chalky matt limewash; the exterior family offers a multitude of stylish options for woodwork, metalwork and masonry and with the range formulated using the same technical expertise used to develop paints for bridges, boats, castles and even lighthouses, rest assured it will truly stand the test of time.
  Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is the choice for all exterior woodwork and metalwork including doors, window trims, timber buildings, gates and garden furniture. A very durable, water-based, low VOC and virtually odourless paint, it has excellent penetration and inhibits mould and algal growth. Self-priming Intelligent Exterior Eggshell can be applied straight onto new and bare wood, as well as to suitably primed metalwork.

Tom’s Oil Eggshell is the preferred finish of one of Little Greene’s senior chemists, after whom it was named! As the name implies, it’s oil-based and therefore extremely practical and hard-wearing, with excellent flow, a beautiful low sheen, this charming, washable paint is and is fully weather resistant and suitable for exterior woodwork and metalwork.

Intelligent Masonry Paint has a new and improved anti-fungal and anti-ageing formula that is highly water resistant, with advanced adhesive properties and a tough film. Suitable for use on brickwork, new render, cement blockwork and existing exterior paint finishes, when applied correctly the environmentally friendly water-based paint dries quickly to a pleasingly smooth matt finish. Designed to last up to 15 years on exterior walls before re-painting is required.

Limewash is a breathable traditional exterior finish, used to decorate and protect porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces. Unlike paint, Limewash penetrates the surface and the colour is built up by applying successive coats, giving a much deeper sense of colour with a perfectly matt finish.

Traditional Oil Gloss uses Little Greene’s innovative eco-oil recipe, using naturally-occurring vegetable oils. It offers a classic, deep gloss finish, which looks extremely smart on front doors, traditional joinery and metalwork, inside and outdoors. Extremely hard-wearing and easy to look after, Traditional Oil Gloss is both practical and elegant.

Intelligent Gloss is a water-based alternative to Traditional Oil Gloss and is suitable for exterior use. A tough, environmentally-friendly and fully washable paint with a chic, high sheen, Intelligent Gloss is a fast-drying finish, perfect for all joinery, woodwork, and suitably primed metals.
  With precious outdoor spaces being used as living areas, Little Greene’s exterior paint collection offers consumers the opportunity to add personality and colour to the exterior of their homes, for enjoyment all year round.