Exterior Paints: Durable Finishes

Eco-friendly, British paint manufacturer Little Greene is the last independent company still making a complete range of high quality traditional and modern paints. Available in the complete Little Greene colour palette, the long lasting, hard-wearing exterior paints combine the highest technical performance with a beautiful finish and profound depth of colour.

Water-based Intelligent Masonry Paint is designed to last up to 15 years on exterior walls, dries quickly to a pleasingly smooth matt finish and is dirt and water resistant, containing anti-fungal and anti-ageing technology.

Technically advanced, self-priming Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is a practical choice that can be applied straight onto new and bare wood, as well as to suitably primed metalwork. The elegant, smooth appearance belies its inherent strength and durability.

Loft White 222. Celestial Blue 101. Garden 86.

Tom’s Oil Eggshell is extremely hard-wearing, has excellent flow, deep adhesion, a beautiful low sheen and is fully weather resistant.

Traditional Oil Gloss has a classic, deep gloss finish, which looks extremely smart on doors, traditional joinery, and metalwork. Extremely hard-wearing, practical and elegant, the eco-oil recipe uses naturally-occurring vegetable oils.

Arras 316. Olive Colour 72. Nether Red 315. Vulcan 324.

Intelligent Gloss is a water-based alternative to Traditional Oil Gloss. A tough, environmentally friendly and fully washable paint with a chic, high sheen, it is fast-drying, perfect for all joinery, woodwork, and suitably primed metals.

Limewash is a traditional very matt finish, used to decorate and protect porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces. Water-based and completely breathable, it combines with the surface, with depth built up by applying successive coats.

Mazarine 256. Yellow-Pink 46. Shirting 129.

Exterior decorating is not only a practical way of weatherproofing a home, it’s also the perfect opportunity to add design personality to an outdoor space. Whether you are painting a large expanse of wall to provide a backdrop to alfresco dining or simply refreshing pot plants for a small balcony, you can completely coordinate outdoor elements to create a truly cohesive scheme.

Windmill Lane 296.

The introduction of colour can completely change the atmosphere of a space, bringing year-round joy and design interest to an exterior. Consider a bold colour highlight as a backdrop to planting and greenery or for a more tranquil feel, select natural shades to blend with their surroundings.

A deep hue such as Arras combined with natural wood finishes and textures will transport customers to warmer climes, and memories of hot summers, whilst a classic blue and white exterior scheme is the perfect backdrop to a pretty country garden. For year round sunshine, incorporate a bold pop of the joyful Indian Yellow to inject a little vibrancy.

Wood Ash 229. Celestial Blue 101. Etruria 326.