The ultimate chalky finish

Little Greene has built up a well-deserved reputation for not just its imaginative colour palette but also for the outstanding quality of its paints. Its original finish, Absolute Matt Emulsion, is more popular than ever and even appears to be the ‘choice’ of Lockdown DIY enthusiasts.
  The last word in flat, matt paints, with a ‘barely-there’ low-sheen of only 3%, Absolute Matt Emulsion produces the sublime chalky finish, often referred to as ‘dead matt’.  

This glorious, environmentally-friendly finish provides a more luxurious, less utilitarian option to its Intelligent Matt cousin (which was formulated specifically to withstand the rough and tumble of busy households). However, thanks to the Little Greene technical team, Absolute Matt Emulsion is also wipeable, so not just beautiful but practical too!
  Sophisticated and understated, Absolute Matt Emulsion can be used on many different surfaces including walls, ceilings and plaster work. It offers the perfect choice for a bedroom, living room or study – indeed any area of low traffic where the desired effect is an unequivocally beautiful result.
  Being water-based, Absolute Matt Emulsion is quick-drying (two to four hours) and virtually odourless. Its superb coverage means that it is high in opacity, efficient, economical and easy to apply with minimal disruption – a room can easily be decorated in a day.

Containing zero added VOCs, Absolute Matt Emulsion is kind to the environment, pet-friendly and, with child-safe certification under BS EN71-3:2019 (Toy Paint Regulations), it is also completely safe to use in children’s rooms making it a very smart choice for the family home.
  Absolute Matt Emulsion is available in all shades of the Little Greene colour palette. Superb in all hues, it appears especially rich and sumptuous in darker shades, such as Obsidian Green, Basalt and Lamp Black, as its flat matt finish affords a real depth to the colour due to the subtle texture of its chalky surface.
  Absolute Matt Emulsion comes in 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 litre cans, as well as 60ml sample pots – through stockists nationwide. They can also be bought via mail, phone order and online at