The NEW FestoolPLANEX M Sander

The PLANEX LHS 2 M is the most versatile of Festool’s long-reach sanders.
Ready to go in next to no time: Simply unpack it from the handy carrying bag, switch it on and get to work. The eccentric sanding motion produces a high surface quality on walls and ceilings with the greatest of ease…

Whether working on walls or ceilings, the eccentric sanding motion of the new PLANEX LHS 2-M will deliver a high-quality finish free of scratches. The adjustable suction power means that you can sand walls and ceilings without tiring, reducing the strain on your arms and back.

Its working length of 1.4 metres is ideal for all standard room heights. What’s more, the practical T-shaped handle provides additional reach.

“The new PLANEX LHS 2-M is the perfect addition to our Festool PLANEX family, bridging the gap between the PLANEX Easy and the top-of-the-range PLANEX LHS 2,” explains Product Manager Simon Gröger.

Suction power for ergonomic working

The adjustable suction power means that the new PLANEX M holds it own weight against the wall and ceiling, significantly reducing the strain on both the back and the arms while sanding. A high-quality scratch-free surface is guaranteed by the eccentric sanding motion.

The PLANEX LHS 2-M can be packed away quickly and securely in the carrying bag before and after use. Measuring 1.4 metres, the mid-range sander is the optimum working length for standard room heights. Taller heights are within easy reach too by virtue of the practical T-shaped handle.

The new PLANEX LHS 2-M also has the perfect recipe for a long service life: Namely, hard-wearing, high-quality components and a brushless yet powerful EC-TEC motor.

Dust-free work

High volumes of hazardous sanding dust are generated when sanding plasterboard, walls and ceilings. Fortunately, the Festool system has devised the perfect solution to this problem: The CT 36 E AC-PLANEX mobile dust extractor is designed to work perfectly with the new PLANEX long-reach sander, allowing users to always work in a low-dust environment, without risking their health.

To round things off, there is also a choice of abrasives perfectly matched to the PLANEX: The GRANAT abrasive, for instance, produces the best possible surface quality and low-dust sanding.

The new LHS 2-M 225 EQ long-reach sander will be available from October in selected specialist retailers.