Shining a light on sanding

From September 2020, painters, drywallers, plasterers, and all other renovation professionals can take advantage of the new PLANEX long-reach sander. It is perfect for sanding joints and surfaces, working and equalising various exterior insulation finishing systems, and for sanding off wallpaper residue. Let there be light!A ground-breaking innovation is the new LED light ring surround.Continue reading “Shining a light on sanding”

Step up to exterior decorating projects

Now is the perfect time to be painting outdoors and gettingall those exterior projects done and dusted, with the weather improving and the hours of daylight increasing as we head into summer. Getting repeat business on outdoor projects will be key to a lot of decorators this summer, and Kevin O’Donnell, technical consultant for SandtexContinue reading “Step up to exterior decorating projects”