Shining a light on sanding

From September 2020, painters, drywallers, plasterers, and all other renovation professionals can take advantage of the new PLANEX long-reach sander. It is perfect for sanding joints and surfaces, working and equalising various exterior insulation finishing systems, and for sanding off wallpaper residue.

Let there be light!
A ground-breaking innovation is the new LED light ring surround. When surveying the trade, the same difficulties come up: Sanding marks and hard-to-spot irregularities which are only detected later on.
  The built in LED light ring on the new long-reach sander provides perfect illumination in a 50cm radius around the sanding head. This avoids the need for annoying, time-consuming and costly reworking.

Eccentric motion for a perfect finish
Customers’ requirements for the surface finish quality of walls and
ceilings are growing constantly, at the same time the fillers used are becoming softer making high-quality surface finishes harder to achieve. With its eccentric sanding motion, the new PLANEX makes these much easier to accomplish.

Keep your back happy
Ensuring healthy working practices has always been a key concern for Festool. This is why they have equipped the new PLANEX with an improved, adjustable extraction system which can hold its own weight when sanding walls and ceilings, relieving the strain on arms and backs – especially during lengthy tasks.
  The new LHS 2 extraction support can be set with a single switch, in addition, the PLANEX can be individually adapted to the working height as its length can be extended by to up 2.1 m using two guide extensions.
  Furthermore, the clever T-handle allows for a longer range, thereby making tasks much easier. Festool has designed the overall handling of the new PLANEX to be highly intuitive and it stows away perfectly in the new Systainer³ XXL – for secure, compact transportation.

A perfectly coordinated system
High volumes of hazardous sanding dust are generated when sanding plasterboard and drywall filler. Combined with the CTM 36 E AC PLANEX mobile dust extractor and GRANAT abrasive, Festool offers a coordinated system, which ensures a perfect surface finish quality and a healthy low-dust working environment.
  The new hole pattern in the sanding pad and abrasive ensure an ideal sanding performance with full-surface extraction.

There’s an App for that…
With the new PLANEX, Festool has enabled digital connectivity, with extra features that can be accessed with the free Work App from Festool:
• Light control (operation, dimming and individual configuration)
• Current status (including runtime and temperature)
• Tutorials for tool operation
• Application tips
• Push notifications for machine faults
• Recommendations for suitable extractors
• Registration of the machine warranty