Step up to exterior decorating projects

Now is the perfect time to be painting outdoors and getting
all those exterior projects done and dusted, with the weather improving and the hours of daylight increasing as we head into summer. Getting repeat business on outdoor projects will be key to a lot of decorators this summer, and Kevin O’Donnell, technical consultant for Sandtex Trade offers some pointers that will help you to ensure your customers get the best possible outcome from the great outdoors…

Take your time to prepare
Before any exterior surfaces can be painted, it’s important to check their condition, particularly as exposure to wet and freezing weather conditions can cause serious problems that can affect the quality of the finish if they aren’t dealt with appropriately.
  Things to look out for include mould or mildew on exterior surfaces, as this is a common problem and one that won’t simply go away if left untreated. Bear in mind that areas that are north-facing and not in direct sunlight can be particularly susceptible to this problem.
  Before you go take on any outdoor projects, it’s worth investing in a good quality fungicidal wash. Remember to pre-treat any areas that are affected before painting begins as it can’t be removed by using soap and water.

Mind the gaps
Moisture ingress caused by heavy rain or snow can also cause hairline cracks to appear as the masonry expands and contracts.
  These cracks will need to be filled and matched to the surrounding area, and choosing a ready-mixed masonry filler that is quick-drying will help save valuable time on site. Following with flexible masonry paint, such as Sandtex’s High Build Decorative Coating, can also help protect and disguise uneven and unsightly surfaces.
  Is your customer aware that they don’t have to choose from a limited palette of white or beige? There are hundreds of shades of masonry paints and coatings available and your customers may have a colour in mind, in which case the task is simple. However, some customers may want some inspiration or guidance from you, and in that case resources like Crown’s Exterior Colour Book have plenty of advice and tips from its team of colour experts that will help you add some value and give your customer an even better experience. There are copies online, so you can simply send them a link and they can browse at their leisure, perhaps while you get on with the preparation work.

Considerate colours
When choosing colour for exterior masonry, consider the location of the property and its heritage as any colour scheme should still be sympathetic to its surroundings. Did you know that individual regions have their own distinct colour palette? This explains why pastel shades work so well in a coastal location but have a different effect in the middle of a built-up urban environment.
  If you can help steer your customers towards choosing a colour scheme which tones in with the colour palette of the street or surrounding area and which complements the building’s age and style, the colour will set off the rest of the property perfectly.
  Don’t forget that if the property requires a neutral masonry paint in cream, off-white or grey to match its surroundings, you can add a touch of colour on woodwork including doors and window frames to complement and contrast with the neutral masonry.

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