Smoother than silk

Axus Decor have launched new Silk Touch roller range, as a part of its mink series, featuring unique fibres that are finer than silk that result in a beautiful finish with minimal texture. The high density of fibres mean that even the shortest pile version will pick up a high amount of paint, allowing you to cover a large area before needing to reload. There’s a 6mm pile in 9” width, and a 10mm pile in 2”, 4”, 5” double core, 9”, and 12” sizes. The unique 2” version is an excellent alternative to a brush around electrical plates to match the finish on the rest of the wall. Axus have also added a 2” Wood Finishing sleeve to their lime series, known for delivering a spray-like finish on trim with all types of primers, undercoats, eggshells, satinwoods and glosses. In particular, they are great for water-based coatings, where standard foam rollers leave air bubbles behind.