When matt matters

A job that requires less paint, less time to complete, creates less waste and results in more profit is a sure winner for the professional decorator.

One Can Eggshell finish quickly became a firm favourite with professional users following its launch two years ago. Following feedback from the trade, Bradite have now produced a matt version.
  The paint acts as adhesion primer sealer, undercoat and topcoat from just the One Can, thereby saving the cost and waste of three different paints.
  Used as a primer, One Can means you can confidently tackle a range of difficult-to-paint surfaces both sealed and porous, including MDF, plywood, soft and hardwoods (including redwoods and sapele), ceramic tiles, glass, powder-coated surfaces, stainless and galvanised steel and copper, building plastics including uPVC, Formica and melamine, other plastics and cladding.
  It also acts as anti-corrosive protection and can be applied directly to all building metals. Three coats of One Can Matt will give full anti-corrosive protection on properly prepared bare steel.
  One Can Matt is tough but flexible, so will allow for expansion and contraction making it perfect for exterior as well as interior use.

  On renovation projects, One Can comes into its own with its ability to lock stains including smoke and water damage, rust, nicotine and resin bleed. Spot prime with One Can to grip the stain followed by two full coats to complete these difficult tasks.
  The clever formula for allows One Can to be touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable in just one hour, if required, three coats can be applied in a single day. The choice of application is also straightforward thanks to the superb flow properties, just use brush, roller or spray according to the nature of the job.
  One Can is water-based, so virtually odourless, which is an important consideration for many specific contracts including areas close to food preparation or storage, hospitals and care homes and residential properties.
  When used as a finish coat, the decorator can be confident that One Can Matt will provide a tough, washable surface and can easily satisfy any colour scheme the client has in mind.
  Tintable in over 250 paint merchants nationwide, to thousands of BS, RAL and NCS colours, One Can is the easy and economic product for every job.