New formulations offer the ultimate in performance

Dulux Trade has enhanced decorators ability to provide long-lasting, smooth exterior finishes for clients, with the introduction of new and improved formulations across its Weathershield range. The upgraded Weathershield Smooth and Weathershield Maximum Exposure masonry paints are perfect to combine with the Weathershield Exterior Gloss System products for trim to ensure a beautifully smooth and shiny finish to exterior doors and windows that will also stay looking good for many years.
  The improved formulation of Weathershield Smooth Masonry is shower resistant after just 30 minutes, and is now three times more effective than the previous formulation at protecting against mould and algae. This is because it contains a fungicide to inhibit the growth of mould and algae within the paint film, helping it stay looking cleaner for longer.
  All coloured paints will show signs of fading over time due to UV and pollutant exposure, but the new Weathershield masonry formulation also contains innovative anti-fade technology, which slows down the effects of this exposure, prolonging the colour’s lifespan.
  An increased resistance to alkali means salt crystals are less likely to form on the paint film, further helping to combat colour fade, and with higher levels of white pigment than other masonry paints, it offers better opacity for excellent two-coat coverage.
  In addition, Dulux Trade Weathershield Maximum Exposure provides better protection against the effects of weathering as a result of its new formulation, as its dried paint film is now five times more flexible than Smooth Masonry making it significantly less prone to cracking or flaking in harsh weather conditions.
  Shower resistant after only 15 minutes, its superior adhesion means that paint will take to the substrate even when preparation can’t be first class, while its increased water resistance sees it better protect the substrate from the effects of water damage and driving rain.
  Both paints also come in three new ready mixed colours – Jasmine White, Goosewing and Frosted Grey.
  Dulux Trade’s ongoing commitment to innovation means that Weathershield products can be trusted to always provide high quality and superior performance when it comes to exterior protection against the elements, and leaving clients’ homes looking newly decorated for longer.