Tackle this year’s exterior season with confidence

As we approach this year’s exterior painting season, we decided to catch up with Tony Pearson-Young, Skills Development Consultant at AkzoNobel to hear all about his top tips and tricks, with help from the complete Dulux Trade Weathershield range, which provides the ultimate protection against the great British weather. When is the best time forContinue reading “Tackle this year’s exterior season with confidence”

New formulations offer the ultimate in performance

Dulux Trade has enhanced decorators ability to provide long-lasting, smooth exterior finishes for clients, with the introduction of new and improved formulations across its Weathershield range. The upgraded Weathershield Smooth and Weathershield Maximum Exposure masonry paints are perfect to combine with the Weathershield Exterior Gloss System products for trim to ensure a beautifully smooth andContinue reading “New formulations offer the ultimate in performance”