FC1 for all

FC1 by CT1 is the ultimate all-in-one filling and caulking solution for the decorating industry. With its advanced formulation, FC1 offers versatility, flexibility, durability, and ease of use, providing a seamless finish on the widest variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, plastic and more. Its fast-drying properties ensure efficient application, and its over paintableContinue reading “FC1 for all”

Fill more than just the basics

The Timbabuild BASIC starter kit is the latest offering from the UK manufacturer of Epoxy Wood Fillers. The BASIC kit is designed for the decorator that has their own storage system in place, and offers an economic entry level kit that contains everything to start making 50-year guaranteed wood repairs. The BASIC kit comprises ofContinue reading “Fill more than just the basics”

No such thing as a problem surface

Toupret has improved its Problem Surfaces collection with two versatile anti-damp products that can be applied on both interior and exterior walls. These two products further strengthen the choice of any professional for treating problem surfaces. Both are highly technical fillers that have the Toupret stamp of approval from painters, decorators, builders, and construction workersContinue reading “No such thing as a problem surface”

Choose wisely

Toupret has launched a major refresh of its packaging with the goal of making choosing the best filling product simpler and quicker for professionals. This reorganisation has been built around results from started with research talking to professionals through surveys and focus groups. Colour-coded categories for interior, exterior, wood and problem surfaces, plus two qualityContinue reading “Choose wisely”

Faster plaster

Safeguard Europe’s Dryzone high-performance plasters collection is a range of breathable modern plasters designed to stop salt migration and aid drying on damp walls. All four variants in the plaster range have been scientifically developed and tested to provide excellent resistance to hygroscopic salts whilst providing a highly breathable surface. They have been shown toContinue reading “Faster plaster”

New and improved fillers

A new and improved range of fillers has just launched at Brewers Decorator Centres. Building on the success of their own-branded fillers, Brewers have introduced four new products to coincide with improvements to their existing line. Waterproof Masonry Filler offers excellent adhesion indoors and out, and can be applied to damp substrates. It can repairContinue reading “New and improved fillers”