No such thing as a problem surface

Toupret has improved its Problem Surfaces collection with two versatile anti-damp products that can be applied on both interior and exterior walls. These two products further strengthen the choice of any professional for treating problem surfaces. Both are highly technical fillers that have the Toupret stamp of approval from painters, decorators, builders, and construction workers up and down the country.

The class-leading Anti-Damp Render is a filler coating perfect for covering damp, porous and untreated masonry. The filler has been designed to prevent the deterioration of decorative coatings applied over it. It is moisture vapour permeable, so it provides a breathable skimcoat barrier. When used on exterior surfaces it acts as a damp-proof filler, blocking water from penetrating the substrate surface.

When applied to interior walls it acts as a water barrier while still allowing water vapour to pass, letting substrates breathe. This makes it ideal for basements and garages where damp might be a problem. Anti-Damp Render is available in powder form in a 6kg bag. It can be applied as a skim-coat, with a trowel or a brush. Plus, it has a 1cm depth limit and a working time of three to four hours. It is ready to paint 24 to 48 hours after application.

Also part of the anti-damp family is the Anti-Damp Treatment. Available in a 1kg tin, this solution acts as a moisture barrier that seals the substrate and blocks localised liquid in the wall. It comes as a loose ready-mixed filler and can be applied with either a brush or roller. Covering micro-cracks whilst targeting the damp, this Problem Surfaces product is also ready to paint in 24 hours and is versatile enough to be applied to both exterior and interior walls.