Graham & Brown – Design and Colour of the Year 2024

This year Graham & Brown are celebrating a Decade of Design, with the 2024 launch marking their 10th Design of the Year. With that in mind, the in-house design studio focused on the ‘Utopia’ trend, creating a space led by a design that encourages welcoming and acceptance to all those who enter the home.
Developed from the trend of blurring boundaries, with rooms that can be both inside and outside, to create a beautiful backdrop for entertaining.


This dramatic forest scape is full of hidden treasures, pops of colour emerge through the design with yellow, orange, and pink tones complimenting the variety of lush leafy trees and trailing floral shrubbery.

The lively hand painted design is full of flora and fauna, interspersed with exotic bird life and rocky terrain. The colours are friendly and welcoming, creating a neutral and affectionate feature that can also be bold and creative. The deep green tones introduce depth to the design, whilst the use of golden, blue, and rusty hues add a playful pop of colour.

With the powerful health benefits of biophilia and forest bathing becoming more apparent, Graham & Brown have captured this essence in the design to welcome those healing feelings into our homes.

New Eden is available in five other colourways, the vibrant Majestic, moody Porcelain, opulent Mulberry, regal Navy and the calming Viridis colour way.
Each design is available as wallpaper, custom mural wallpaper (shown below), made to measure curtains and blinds, cushions and bed linen.


To complement the New Eden Emerald wallpaper design, Viridis is a beautiful muted green colour, conscientiously curated to create a warm and welcoming space, offering a calming atmosphere for its guests.

Viridis is a complex yet flexible hue, adding depth to a space and blurring the lines between outside and inside, it is a natural and uplifting shade, providing an inventive alternative to the greige interior schemes.

It can be used in small cosy spaces to create a calming effect or in larger rooms for a sophisticated yet relaxing space. It is especially perfect for the entertaining and entrance areas where outside and inside meet.

Like all Graham & Brown paint, Viridis is an eco-paint, water-based, odourless and ultra-low VOC, the paint cans are fully recyclable and there is no animal testing involved.