Johnstone’s Trade – Colour of the Year 2023

Each year Johnstone’s Trade shows its instinct in its choice of Colour of the Year to help your customers find an impactful colour for their interior and exterior projects, the 2023 Colour of the Year is no different….

Introducing Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6), a turquoise tint that is both modern and versatile. Chosen from the PPG Voice of Colour palette, Vining Ivy brings together a powerful blue with delicate green to create a colour that will create a feeling of both calm and energy to your customer’s project.

The combination of blue and green hues creates a rich, modern colour that brings out the best in any interior, whilst still providing a balanced colour for outdoors. Your customers can combine it with deeper wood tints and off-whites to create a natural effect to give a luxurious look and feel.

Consumers are seeking to simplify in this post-COVID era, as the past two years have shed a new light on the importance of serenity and little moments. This makes Vining Ivy the perfect colour for our times. The colour represents a sense of energy whilst at the same time a feeling of serenity and calm.”

Donna Taylor, PPG colour expert

The Voice of Colour palette is available exclusively in Johnstone’s Trade paints which are available at Johnstone’s Decorating Centres, independent retailers and locations across the UK and Ireland. Find Vining Ivy and the rest of the 2023 trends colours at your local decorating centre.

A relaxing design theme that allows for reflection and our need for a calm space to live in, using Earth Rose, Luxurious and Gothic Amethyst.

A natural trend that represents our relationships with the environments that surround us, Cool Clay, Fossil Stone and Midnight Glade complement Vining Ivy.

A vibrant scheme celebrating our dynamic relationships with the world, Petal Whisper, Citrus Sachet and Briquette provide a contemporary look.