Graham & Brown – Design and Colour of the Year 2023

Each Autumn, Graham & Brown announces its Design of the Year and Colour of the Year. As we look to the future, and the world becomes more aware of the impact humans are having on our planet, we are mindful of the decisions we make and their repercussions. With that in mind the in-house design studio has chosen to bring life and colour to long-forgotten pieces in the Graham & Brown archive, focusing on recycling and rejuvenation.

Florenzia Dusk

The antique design has been re-worked with textures and a loose hand painted finish to create a more relaxed, lived-in style with a unique twist. This, teamed with the vibrant shots of colour, create an upcycled rework of a traditional archival piece.

The colours are friendly and welcoming, creating a neutral an affectionate feature that can also be bold and creative. The deep navy tones introduce depth to the design, whilst the use of golden and rusty hues add a playful pop of colour.

Florenzia Terrazzo
Florenzia Botanico
Florenzia Nightshade

Florenzia is available in three other colour ways, in addition to Dusk is the vibrant Botanico, moody Nightshade, and opulent Terrazzo. Florenzia Botanico is the brightest design, tinted with vivid blues, reds and yellows. Nightshade is mysterious and full of depth, with lilac and plum tones running through the design. Finally, Florenzia Terrazzo encompasses a rich background with bright pops of florals bringing a playful nature to the design. Each design is available as wallpaper, made to measure wall mural, made to measure curtains and blinds, cushions and bed linen.


To complement Florenzia, Colour of the Year is Alizarin. A deep and moody, yet refreshingly warm auburn hue, Alizarin is an affectionate and all-embracing hue, dark enough to bring colour and depth to a space, yet naturally uplifting and inspiring, providing a creative alternative to the grey and beige shades that have grown wearisome. It can be used in small spaces to create a cocooning effect or in larger rooms to transform the space into an opulent abode, Alizarin can also add a timeless look to exterior surfaces.