Render for stormy weather

As the weather improves, focus often turns to protecting exterior surfaces. If your client requires a render solution consider the Johnstone’s Stormshield Render System, now available to buy from Brewers Decorator Centres.
  There are three different options depending on the level of performance required including the One Coat Render System (OCR), Stormshield Scratch Render System and Stormshield High Performance Render System.
  OCR is an entry level, cement-based render that offers weather resistance once it has been coated with an appropriate decorative finish. OCR’s ability for wet-on-wet application and simple preparation increases the speed of application, a great entry level option when time is of the essence!
  Stormshield Scratch Render System is a cement-based render that has been modified with polymer to create a durable all-weather system. It is through coloured for lower maintenance, has excellent long-term fade protection and has been BBA approved.
Stormshield High Performance System is a highly flexible and crack resistant high technology polymer modified render. This vapour permeable system has BBA approval and offers simple application and easy maintenance.