Non-stop sanding

The development team at Axus Decor has worked extensively to develop and expand their range of abrasive products. Launching this month are the Arystox Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Flexi-Pads and Blocks, following the introduction of Arystox Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Paper earlier this year.
  The most commonly used grit used to make professional-grade abrasives is Aluminium oxide, but as you sand, its structure breaks down and the paper becomes increasingly ineffective.
  The Arystox range features Axus Decor‘s new advanced ceramic grit with has a unique microcrystalline structure. Tiny fragments break off as you sand revealing new razor-sharp edges, so each stroke cuts the surface as efficiently as the last and it takes an extremely long time to wear the grits right down. The sharp edges are also more uniform in size, resulting in a more even scratch pattern.
  All Arystox abrasives feature a non-stick coating that prevents clogging by slowly shedding during sanding, taking residue along with it. The coating also reduces the build-up of heat that’s generated during sanding.
  The entire range is suitable for wet or dry sanding, including the paper, thanks to its flexible latex backing that provides tear, crease and water resistance.
  The Blocks and Flexi-Pads make for effortless sanding of almost any surface, but each has its speciality. The Blocks are ideal for internal corners whilst Flexi-Pads easily adapt to contours of skirting and frames.
  Whichever you choose, the high-density foam core is long-lasting, crumble resistant and easy to rinse and re-use.
  The Arystox Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Paper, Blocks and Flexi-Pads are all available in grits from 60 to 180, and can be used for sanding wood, metal, paint, varnish, between coats, filler, plaster, drywall, metal, rust, plastic and glass.