Key considerations for selecting a good quality roller

Painting with a roller can provide you with extra speed and versatility, especially when working on large areas. However, just like brushes, there is a wide range of rollers on the market for you to choose from.
  Here, Kristie Blackford-Mills from Purdy, explains how to ensure a roller is fit for purpose and performs to the standard professionals will expect.

The roller frame
First of all – start by paying attention to the frame. Good quality roller frames will have plastic caps at either end supporting the ribbed design that reduces roller sleeve walk off. An ergonomic handle is also a good indication of quality in a roller, as it will help to reduce any strain on your wrist. Economy-grade rollers tend to flex when you apply pressure and this results in an uneven coating of paint.
  It is also worthwhile looking at roller frames that have either a tapered or screw fit on the handle – this will allow an extension pole to be fitted. The extension reduces the need for ladders and working at height.
  For example, Purdy’s Revolution Frame is designed to be 25% lighter than other frames, and it is compatible with our Powerlock Extension pole and has patented ribbed ends to ensure sleeves do not slide off.

Choose the right roller sleeve material
Roller sleeves are available in a variety of materials, all of which can have a significant impact on how your roller performs. Professionals will be well aware that poor quality tools can translate into poor results, and that’s the case for roller sleeves too.
  Inferior roller sleeves can present a range of problems including visible stroke marks, shedding fibres, and picking up less paint, requiring more time on the job.
  If you are working with a water-based paint, look for synthetic roller covers such as polyester, nylon or Dacron, as these will resist matting. Our Purdy White Dove sleeve, for example, uses the finest nylon fabric to delivers an ultra-smooth finish.
  A roller sleeve can also be made up of a blend of materials, such nylon and polyester, which can be used for any paint type or finish. These are an ideal choice if you are switching between oil-based and water-based products on site.
  At Purdy, our Marathon roller sleeve is a versatile cover that offers the best of both worlds and a flawless finish even after 40 hours of continual use. Be sure to check the size of the roller sleeve core to ensure a snug fit onto the roller frame.
  For professional decorators, when it comes to tackling large, flat surfaces using a roller can save a lot of time when compared to a traditional brush, so its sensible to have one in your painting tool kit. Just as you would your brushes – ensure you invest in a high quality roller to make work easier and more comfortable, while achieving a professional finish in fewer hours.