Give your onyx opinion

Axus Décor was born out of the suggestions of decorators, and in 2019 they formalised the process by creating the Ax Test Panel, which consists of a diverse selection of decorators who leave reviews after they’ve tried out an Axus product, which is then passed on to their product development team. This process has shown to be successful, especially with the Gekoe floor-gripping sheet and Flex-E-Bowl from their innovative Onyx series. The Gekoe is a premium floor-gripping, paint barrier sheet that protects floors from impact and scratches. The sheet is extra strong, flexible, machine washable and completely re-usable. It can even been cleaned with something as simple as a wipe. The Flex-E-Bowl is a bowl made entirely of silicone, used for mixing filler. The bowl can be squeezed so that any remaining hardened filler cracks and falls out, and the bowl can then be re-used. This innovative product has already prevented thousands of plastic paint kettles from being thrown out. Axus Décor are periodically looking for new members to join their Ax Test Panel, to have a chance of being a part of it leave a review at

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