Focus on Axus Décor Fillers

There are three powder-based fillers in the Axus Décor range that are suitable for interior walls and ceilings: Q3 Filler, Dec-Patch and EP-Fill. Their characteristics vary, so it’s important to understand which one to pick accordingly…

Containing a very high amount of resin, Q3 Filler is by far the toughest in the range. The resin ensures a permanent bond to almost any substrate (even glazed tiles) and prevents cracks from reappearing, no matter how large or deep. Though it can be used for deep fills, it’s fine-grain appearance also makes it suitable for surface smoothing, and once dry it is ready to paint without worry of showing through. With minimal shrinkage and no thickness limitation, any damage can be repaired and smoothed in a single application. It also dries quickly, so you can fill in the morning and then sand/paint in the afternoon. Being such a tough product, it’s slightly harder to sand than the others in the range, but a power sander will make light work of it.

EP-Fill, a versatile, innovative filler that’s suitable for damage repair, smoothing over rough surfaces that have been previously painted, smoothing over textured wallpaper, or taping and jointing plasterboard. It’s a softer-setting product, but this does make it incredibly easy to sand by hand. For repair work, there is no limitation on how deep you can fill, but of the three fillers this one will shrink more as it sets, so you may consider overfilling. If you’re using it to level or smooth a surface, its creamy consistency holds well onto almost any surface, and is a joy to apply by broad knife or trowel. It dries to a fine, white finish that won’t flash or grin through two coats of emulsion.

Dec-Patch has less resin content than Q3 Filler, it is not really a solution for more difficult repairs. However, it’s a great, everyday filler that will perform well with most common repair tasks, including filling cracks, chases and holes up to 2cm deep. The advanced formula contains marble dust, which leads to a smooth, durable finish once set, that you can paint directly over. After two coats of a good quality emulsion, you won’t see the filler flash or grin through. The product has minimal shrinkage (eliminating the need for multiple applications), but if you do overfill you will find that it’s easy to sand back by hand, especially if you’re using ceramic abrasive blocks or pads.