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For professional painters and decorators, providing customers with a long-lasting, premium finish is crucial. To help achieve this, Johnstone’s Trade has developed Aqua Guard, a new water based satin paint for interior wood and metal with enhanced durability. David Baines, technical specification manager at PPG gives us the lowdown on their latest innovation…

We understand that professional painters and decorators are passionate about providing a quality finish that will stand the test of time. However, when it comes to interior trim surfaces, paintwork is at risk of daily wear and tear from stains, scratches and hand contact which can leave behind marks and blemishes. While this is inevitable with the majority of paints on the market, meaning that redecoration needs to be carried out sooner than many customers would like, harming the original decorator’s reputation.
  Placing the needs of decorators at the forefront of our innovations, we set out to answer this long-standing industry issue. Carrying out extensive research and development has led us to develop Aqua Guard, a new water based satin paint specifically designed to defend interior wood and metal surfaces against scratches, greasy finger marks, and general wear and tear, providing decorators with a long-lasting, high quality finish.
  Our hands naturally contain and release enzymes, often known as hand fats, which, when left behind on surfaces, can cause the paint to soften. These oils are particularly harmful for water based formulations as they react with the paint and break down the protective layers, leaving surfaces exposed to tarnishing.
  The innovative Surface Protection technology incorporated in to Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard ensures the paint does not soften or become damaged when touched over time, therefore staying fresher for longer. It also has long-lasting whiteness and, thanks to its water based formula, is easy to apply, quick to dry, has low odour and won’t clog brushes, making it easy to wash out.
  At Johnstone’s Trade, we like to keep an open conversation with our customers to ensure we’re developing coatings that deliver the high performance that they expect from us.

“My first impression of Aqua Guard is that it’s simply a fantastic paint. One of the downsides to using other water based paints is that you typically get a lot of visible brush marks, but this isn’t the case with Aqua Guard. It applies and leaves a finish just like an oil based product, but with all the benefits of water based.”
Nick Torranno Harling, NTH Decorating

“My business is based on providing a quality, long-lasting finish, and Aqua Guard enables me to do just that. It’s the best trim paint I’ve ever used.”
Chris Green, Chris Green & Son Decorating