Take the B-I-N out

Famous for solving painting and decorating problems, Zinsser has launched B-I-N® AQUA, a water based, four-in-one primer that contains a durable and robust resin which promises the same trusted performance advantages as B-I-N® alongside the added advantage of outdoor use. With an advanced high-hiding formulation, B-I-N® AQUA can be used as a full-surface primer onContinue reading “Take the B-I-N out”

Mould and mildew solutions

At this time of year, mould and stains can really hinder decoration, adding hours to a job. To be sure that the problem is dealt with properly, you need to choose the right product for the job. Brewers stock a comprehensive range of problem solving products, including these great examples from Zinsser.   Zinsser Perma WhiteContinue reading “Mould and mildew solutions”