Take the B-I-N out

Famous for solving painting and decorating problems, Zinsser has launched B-I-N® AQUA, a water based, four-in-one primer that contains a durable and robust resin which promises the same trusted performance advantages as B-I-N® alongside the added advantage of outdoor use. With an advanced high-hiding formulation, B-I-N® AQUA can be used as a full-surface primer on varnish, glossy paint, wood panels, building boards, PVC, plywood and more. The specialist stain-killing formula blocks tannin bleed, water, grease, oil, mildew, crayon, lipstick stains and delivers effective knot blocking, seals resin and sap streaks. Alongside lightning-fast drying times, B-I-N® AQUA, blocks smoke stains, seals odours from fire damage, nicotine, soot, fireplaces and heaters. Available in 500ml, 1L, 2.5L and 5L pack sizes, it can be applied by airless sprayer, brush, roller and is available in white or can be tinted to pastel and mid-tone colours.