Paint a new path

Maverick’s launch was marked with the recent release of the revolutionary Headlock Pro® Roller System and accompanying Series V roller covers. Headlock Pro’s patented cartridge technology maximises productivity and reduces mess by locking roller covers securely to its frames and cleaning attachment during use and features rapid pinch release. Enhancing application speed and finish, Series V’s compatible covers boast durable polyamide microfibre pile for long-lasting performance.

Now, Maverick is upping the game once again with its latest two launches: the iconic Series X and Series S brush ranges.

Advanced in every way, Series X is for decorators committed to being the best of the best. Its sleek, ergonomic design features a matt black oval aluminium ferrule bonded to a contoured beechwood handle. Suddenly, all other brushes look very ordinary. At the performance end, Memex® advanced filaments retain form longer, maximise productivity, and taper further for the finest finish. Series X goes beyond perfection and puts ultimate all-round performance in the palm of your hand.

Series S pushes limits, answering the call of decorators who value their time and work to a higher standard. Featuring patented Twista® filament technology which have a helictical ridge profile for greater paint pick-up and a more gradual release. Form meets function with a refined black stainless steel ferrule and a longer beechwood handle. Series S works for you with class-leading productivity and finesse.

Distributed in the UK by Coral Tools, Maverick is sold by retailers faithful to supplying the best decorators.