New functions for Festool ExoActive

Festool are expanding the functionality of its active exoskeleton, the ExoActive EXO18, using the Work App.

In 2023, Festool launched its battery-operated exoskeleton, the ExoActive, which makes light work of strenuous overhead tasks. It gives you an extra boost of strength before your arms get tired and at the same time takes the load off your neck. Users are impressed with this new helper, as the results of the test study show.

It is not for nothing that Festool recently received an iF design award for the ExoActive. The Festool Work App is delivering optimum functional extras for everyday work with the ExoActive.

“When it comes to removing wallpaper or painting ceilings and walls, there’s nothing better than the ExoActive from Festool.”
Adam Amari – @restoringstleonards

It can also be quickly adjusted and customised to different working ranges.
New additional functions with the Work App

With the free Festool Work App (Android and iOS), the ExoActive will, in future, be even more customisable to suit the specific application and requirements, all via the smartphone touchscreen for added convenience. For example, the app can be used to show step-by-step instructions detailing how to adjust the ExoActive to the user’s body size.

“Working overhead with the ExoActive is out of this world. Sanding, painting, lifting, holding – we give it 5 stars.”
George Goode – @goode_decorating01

The app also makes it easier to set the appropriate working mode: The Fix mode provides support in a fixed position of around 100 degrees in front of the body. In Flex mode, the position can be selected with complete freedom. For asymmetrical work, the ExoActive offers support on one side for either the right or left arm. The app also displays the charge status, calls up operating data such as the level of support and provides software updates and even tutorials on how to use the ExoActive effectively.

Results from the customer testing study

“To find out exactly how our new exoskeleton will be used in practice, we conducted an international test study in seven European countries”, explains Dominic Ender, Product Manager at Festool.

“This gave around 300 customers the opportunity to put the ExoActive through its paces on construction sites. And I have to say: The results speak for themselves, as they were very positive all round, especially when it came to overhead work.”

The final results indicated:
• 79% felt less physically exhausted
• 74% felt their workload had been eased
• 71% needed fewer breaks
• 72% were positive about the operation/adjustments during work
• 70% were positive about the adjustments to their body shape

With the new ExoActive, Festool presents, for the first time, an active exoskeleton powered by an 18-volt battery to add to its extensive battery system.

“It’s like having an assistant who is supporting me exactly where I need it most, without any effort from me. Not only does it increase my comfort, but it allows me to focus on the quality of my work.”
Grant Steel – @grantsteeldecorators