Ease of Application

Painting and decorating is a true skill, with years of hard work going into perfecting your craft. As a result, it’s important that you have a high-quality paint that stands up to your exacting standards and helps you to deliver a top-quality job, every time, first time. Given the competitive market and challenging economic climate, you need to be able to trust the products you use and know that they won’t let you down.

When the paint is easy to apply, achieving the perfect finish becomes easier, allowing you to do your job with nothing holding you back. While many will have their own view of what constitutes ‘ease of application’, some of the key characteristics include reduced spatter, quicker clean up and an extended wet edge time.

All of these qualities are carefully considered when paint manufacturers develop new product formulations, with extensive research going into every tin. Practical testing is key, with our teams reviewing the open time of the paint, the viscosity and feel of application. We also consider the adaptability of the paint to different substrates and application preferences, whether that’s spraying or using a roller. Depending on the results, we will adjust the additives until we achieve the perfect formulation.

Let us take low spatter as an example. Whether painting walls, ceilings or woodwork, spatter is a nuisance all decorators will have encountered. It can make achieving those crisp and clean lines more difficult, contribute to a lengthier clean up (even with dust sheets) and make life increasingly awkward for the glasses-wearers amongst us.

That’s why we work hard to ensure that all Valspar Trade products have reduced or low spatter, making the paint easier to pour and easier to apply, regardless of your choice of applicator. The viscosity of the paint is a major contributing factor when it comes to spatter, with the correct ratio of thickening agents a delicate balance to achieve.

Another concern is ‘picture framing’, something that can be particularly tricky and time-consuming to remedy. Picture framing can often occur when cutting in, largely due to the difference in applicator, such as switching from brush to roller, or drying times, with the existing paint film difficult to manipulate and blend with the new wet coat.

For this to be avoided from the get-go, look for a paint range that has been formulated specifically to offer an extended wet edge time. A carefully adjusted balance between a number of ingredients, including choice of binder, thickening agents and various other additives to control and optimise drying speed, all contribute to added open time and wet edge. This can provide you with a longer window of opportunity to finish an entire surface, repair any irregularities and avoid lap marks, all helping to deliver that perfect finish.

At Valspar Trade, our focus is on making life easier for the user – you. With a dedicated research and development team, we’re proud to offer a game-changing and expertly formulated range of high-quality trade essentials. Our Tough Matt and Vinyl Matt products have undergone rigorous ISO testing to ensure they stand up to the expectations of the trade, including coverage, spatter, scrubbability and extended open wet edge time, as well as being sprayable for additional ease.