Extractors that don’t just gather dust

Festool has been known for its extractors, and its entire dust extraction range for many years. The German manufacturer offers a variety of clever solutions for many needs to optimise workflows and ideally organise workplaces.

The remote control with Bluetooth® module enables users to control their Festool extractors wirelessly. This saves you a trip to the extractor, as it can be conveniently switched on remotely or started automatically via the cordless tools with the auto-start function. This remote-control function provides unrivalled flexibility and convenience and can be easily retrofitted to older extractors.

Another highlight is the CT-VA pre-separator, which enables large quantities of dust to be handled efficiently, easily, and reliably.

The pre-separator allows for continuous work with a constantly high suction power. This effectively keeps coarse particles and dirt away from the main filter and captures up to 95% of the dust before it even reaches the extractor.

Festool offers practical cleaning sets for thorough cleaning in various application areas. Depending on the equipment, these sets include various nozzles, suction brushes, and hoses, especially for different floor surfaces. Whether you are cleaning a building site or a workshop, the right cleaning set will always achieve the best results.

In addition, the CT-ASA boom arm enables efficient and convenient dust extraction. This boom arm can be used at various workstations and ensures a clean and healthy working environment. With its easy handling and robust design, the boom arm is an indispensable accessory for anyone who values convenient hose guidance from above for easier working.

The handle makes it easy to push the extractor from one place to another – without having to lift it. This is particularly practical if the extractor is moved frequently or used on uneven surfaces.

The WCR Workcenter improves organisation and mobility in the workplace. It can be quickly attached to extractors via T-LOC and transforms them into a mobile workstation in an instant. The Workcenter is robust, easy to transport and offers optimum workplace organisation.