Silk rounds

Axus Decor has revealed its long-awaited ultra-premium brush, Silk Touch Ultra, as part of its Mink series. Each brush has a high-capacity oval ferrule filled with a new generation of ‘world-class filaments’. These ultra filaments are firm enough to spread all types of coating, thick and thin, and undergo an advanced chemical treatment that produces ultra-soft tips for that all-important streak-free finish. The treatment also texturises the tips to enhance paint pick-up whilst creating a network of fibres that retains paint, ready for controlled release with each brushstroke. Shape retention is extraordinary; you can bend the filaments as you like to achieve precise brushstrokes. Still, the brush will always return to its original form, wash after wash. The four variations, Silk Touch Ultra, Silk Cutter Ultra, Silk ShortCut Ultra and Silk Point Ultra, are available now.