Paint Perfect – All new Dead Flat®

The latest, industry-leading innovation from Farrow & Ball is its most matt finish ever with added durability.

And it’s multi-surface too…

Suitable for walls, woodwork and metal, Dead Flat® is the ultimate choice for colour drenching. The completely flat look surrounds spaces in richer, uninterrupted colour from ceiling to skirting board and even over radiators. One paint to cover every area, saving time and money when decorating.

Charlotte Cosby, Creative Director at Farrow & Ball, comments: “Dead Flat® is a unique combination of truly fantastic features: it’s matt, durable and multi-surface. The super matt quality has the incredible effect of making our colours look even richer, especially the darker shades. We’re thrilled to launch this exciting new finish and I can’t wait to see it transform our customers’ homes all over the world.”

The new Dead Flat® formulation has been refined by the technical experts at Farrow & Ball in Dorset over the last five years.

The ability to create such an incredibly matt and impressively durable product is thanks to a breakthrough ingredient. Combined with a precise blend of other, quality paint ingredients it delivers the signature Farrow & Ball look with reimagined chemistry, so beautiful spaces, stay beautiful.

Dead Flat® boasts just a 2% sheen, which dramatically minimises light bounce, so the eye only sees colour from every angle. Not only does this increase how rich the colour appears, but it also minimises imperfections. It is also easy to apply, with exceptional opacity even after just one coat.

Dead Flat® is a practical and aesthetic choice, it’s washable and wipeable with a Class 1 scrub rating (the highest rating possible). This durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and playrooms, especially as it’s also toy safe. Like all Farrow & Ball finishes, Dead Flat® is water based and low odour too. Plus, it only contains trace VOCs.