Hear here, and everywhere you go

Noise on site and in the workshop is not only harmful for the ears in the long run, but also distracts you from your work. The new GHS 25 I devices from Festool turn the volume level down to a healthy degree. Be protected from noise when working and simultaneously make phone calls via Bluetooth or enjoy your favourite music, the innovative microphone technology means you hear only what you really want to hear. A conversation mode allows you to hear ambient noises such as speech within a safe listening volume (up to 79 dB) without a problem. When making phone calls, the built-in microphone effectively suppresses disruptive background noise, plus the GHS 25 I is also in line with the IP67 standard, and therefore protected against dust, water and sweat. The earplugs can simply be recharged in the charging case supplied, which also acts as a power bank for the earplugs when on the move. A full charge provides up to 13 hours of runtime.