Mind your fingers!

It’s dangerous to attempt to cut anything using a dull blade, and doing so can lead to injury. You’ll need to apply much more force to make a successful cut, which increases the risk of your hand slipping and hurting yourself.
  OLFA‘s Excel Black ultra-sharp snap blades are the sharpest in the industry, easily cutting through any wallcovering and numerous other materials.
  Their Speed Blade, is low-friction coating helps blades glide through challenging materials such as caulk, silicone, textile wallpaper and corrugated protective sheeting, where conventional blades can quickly get stuck.
  But even OLFA blades become dull, so do so safely using their Advanced Blade Disposal Holster (DC-5) instead of pliers. There is no circumstance in which you should snap with your fingers! Pull down the front flap, insert your snap knife into the slot, then pull to snap off a segment which is automatically stored safely inside ready for later safe disposal.
Attach the DC-5’s integrated belt clip onto your tool belt, and you’re always just a snap away from that sharp, safer edge.