A brush for every type of painter

Over the years, Axus Decor has worked hard to develop and grow its range of brushes… For outstanding value, the Pro-Brush (blue) is long lasting, delivers a smooth finish, and holds a large amount of paint. If you’re a speed-painter, you might want to step up to the oval-shaped Captain Chunk brush (onyx), which feature a unique Tricho™ filament that are mechanically smashed to split them into ultra-fine strands, dramatically increasing the surface area for paint pick-up and so fine that any brush marks that they leave are hard to notice. If your sole objective is to deliver an immaculately smooth finish, Silk Touch brushes (mink) have chemically treated extra-fine filament tips. Axus Decor‘s Wood Finishing brushes (lime) have a very slim stock, preventing overload, essential for drip-free finishing when applying woodstains and varnishes, and they’re also great for laying off a roller finish. For specialist work, the grey series includes a range of brushes in various shapes and sizes for mouldings, sash windows, detailed work, and hard-to-reach areas such as behind pipes and radiators.