Hot off the shelf

Becoming more environmentally aware is a priority across all sectors, with the painting and decorating industry looking into new ways in which sustainable working practices can be achieved. With advances in technology, new and exciting products are being introduced into the market with ecological awareness.
  As a part of their Caulks and Sealants range, Brewers are proud to introduce Premium Caulk Foil and Premium Bath & Sanitary Silicone Foil. The brand-new products are now in foil to reduce plastic consumption, enhancing sustainable working practices and reducing waste.
  Brewers Premium Caulk Foil is suitable for both interior and exterior projects, providing a seamless and professional finish with low shrinkage. Brewers Premium Bath & Sanitary Silicone Foil is an acetoxy curing silicone suitable for high humidity areas and resists mould, providing a long-lasting, flexible, watertight seal.